2015 Bad Boy Buggy Ambush hybrid 4x4

2015 Bad Boy Buggy Ambush iS
Gas/Electric Powered

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SKU# BBBH-22688  (Consignment)

We are selling on consignment a 2015 Bad Boy Ambush iS gas/electric hybrid 4x4. The Ambush iS is powered by a 28-horsepower 720cc fuel injected Subaru engine and a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain. The electric drivetrain is 25% more energy-efficient that the previous DC technology used, allowing longer range between charges and better performance on the trails. The unit features six 8-volt batteries, 4 batteries situated under the vehicle’s seat and 2 upfront of the unit with a hood cover for easy access. The division of the batteries provides for better weight distribution to the front of the vehicle supplying better traction in front wheel drive. For long hauls, the unit can be uniquely powered by the gas engine (2WD Rear). When you are ready to approach your hunting site, switch to electric power (2WD Front) for virtually silent operation. On-demand 4WD is activated by engaging both powertrains simultaneously. A unique feature of the Ambush iS is “REGEN MODE”: this allows for the vehicle’s batteries to be recharged on the fly while the unit is driven under 2WD gas power. A dash-mounted REGEN switch allows you to choose between high or low resistance. This resistance is turned into energy and sent back into the battery packs. The unit produces a top speed of 25 mph / 40 kph and to fully recharged drained batteries it can take a good 8-12 hours.

Suspension and Handling: The Ambush iS comes equipped with four-wheel MacPherson Strut independent suspension and sway bar. For additional traction the locking front and rear differentials direct the vehicle’s power to the wheels that need it the most. The unit also features rack-and-pinion steering which offers agile response with every turn.

The front dash is made up of 2 gauges and several switch controls for the operation of the unit. The electric and gas levels are each represented by their own gauge, so you can easily read the battery and fuel quantities. You will also find a switch selector that allows you to operate the vehicle in electric mode, gas mode or a combination of both if you want to use the unit in 4WD. On the right hand side of the gauges you will find 3 other selector switches: “Engine Start” to start the gas engine, “REGEN MODE” low and high which allows you to charge the batteries while using the unit in gas mode, and finally an on/off switch for the vehicles headlights.

This unit has very little use on it and shows very little use on it! It has a set of nice, huge LED cubes on the top to light up the night, brush guard with winch mount plate, folding, removable acrylic windshield and the factory charger.

And we can add the all new GPS Tracking device  to be able to track and know where your toys are at all times!  We can install one in your boat, RV, Jeep, ATV, Side-by-Side, and even your teenager's car!


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