Golf  Cart  Bodies  &  Dash  Components

We offer both new and used golf cart bodies, installed or uninstalled, in an array of color choices!  Be sure to check out our custom Phantom bodies, too, which are farther down this page!

Note:  Carts are shown with optional rear flip seat and other custom accessories

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Club Car Precedent bodies, available in custom colors

Shown here are examples of the Club Car Precedent bodies that CKD's offers in custom colors (many other colors are available!)

Club Car Precedent bodies in factory colors

Custom Phantom bodies for Club Car Precedent

Shown above are examples of the Custom Phantom bodies for Club Car Precedents that we offer in custom colors (many other colors are available.)  As you can see, a stretched "limo" version is available as well!

Custom Painted EZGO bodies

Many, many color choices!

Dashes and Trim

This custom Sentry dash installed on a Club Car Precedent features color-keyed silver trim to coordinate with the tutone seat upholstery 



The DoubleTake© Sentry Locking Storage Dash, shown above installed on Club Car Precedent carts, with silver insert trim, and with black inserts and red inserts (click photos to enlarge.)  Features a large top-loading, lockable storage bin; and stereo mounting. Available in a wide selection of color choices for eye-catching color-keyed inserts.  Colors coordinate with various seating upholstery selections.  Available for Club Car Precedent and DS, EZGO TXT, and Yamaha Drive models.  Click to see brochure.


Available in carbon fiber (shown on the left) turned titanium; the titanium finish offers a premium look to any cart!  Includes 2 locking compartments.  Either style is especially suited for adding a radio.  Available for both Club Car & EZ-GO.

Because stock golf carts are boring!

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