Lithium-Ion Batteries

Product Overview

CKD's proudly offers the finest in lithium-ion golf cart batteries - RoyPow and EVolution LiFePO4 batteries.

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There are many advantages to a lithium battery pack for your golf cart, several of which are:
  • No maintenance required! (no batteries to fill with water)
  • Corrosion-free (no messy terminals to clean)
  • No acid to leak onto the floor
  • Extended run-time - up to 60 miles on a charge (depending on battery size selected)
  • Fast charging time - 2 to 4 hours for a full charge (typically 1 hour for 60-80% charge)
  • Unlike lead acid batteries, perform an "opportunity" partial charge whenever, and as often as you like
  • Huge weight saving advantage (typically over 300 lbs. difference)
  • Increased power and speed
  • The battery charger is smaller - install it on-board if you wish
  • 5-year battery pack warranty
  • Expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years!
  • Lithium Ion - Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 technology, for enhanced safety

These lithium batteries hold a higher voltage during use than lead acid batteries; they maintain their nominal voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This is unlike lead acid batteries whose voltage begins to fall quickly, at 20-25% of discharge. That means full power and speed are available with lithium batteries until the charge is dissipated!

Additionally, you can safely use up to 90% of capacity without compromising their life expectancy. Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, are recommended to only be discharged to 50%.

Product details and specifications:

RoyPow LiFePO4 Lithium battery details

RoyPow data sheet

RoyPow limited warranty

EVolution LiFePO4 Lithium battery details

EVolution data sheet

EVolution limited warranty

RoyPow LiFePO4 lithium battery pack installed in an Advanced EV golf cart
105 Ah RoyPow installed in an Advanced EV cart

110 Ah EVolution installed in an EVolution cart

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