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2011 BYG29D

2011 Black Yamaha G29


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    Product Specs

    • G29 Drive 48v
    • NEW Continental Batteries (w/ 1-Year Warranty)
    • NEW Cables, Nuts, Washers
    • NEW Jet Black Paint Job
    • NEW Front Seat Bottom Cushion
    • NEW Seatback Upholstery & Rear Cushions
    • NEW Motor
    • Ultimate LED Light Kit
    • 5-Panel Mirror
    • Tinted Folding Windshield
    • SMV Sign
    • 12″ Black & Machined Wheels with Low Profile Tires

    Product Details

    Selling on consignment a 2011 Black Yamaha G29 Drive 48 volt golf cart with new Continental batteries (with 1-year warranty), new cables, nuts, washers, new Jet Black paint job, new front seat bottom cushion, new seatback upholstery, and new rear seat cushions, new Ultimate LED light kit (includes LED headlights, taillights, brake lights, emergency flashers, and a horn), new motor, new 5-panel mirror, new tinted folding windshield, SMV (slow-moving vehicle sign), factory charger and new 12″ black and machined wheels with low profile tires. This cart is super nice!