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Custom Cart Trailer


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    Product Specs

    • 6″ rear lift kit
    • Rear flip seat
    • Cargo and cooler storage
    • Adds 4-passenger carrying capacity!

    Product Details

    A very unique 4-passenger custom cart trailer, equipped with the following accessories: 6″ rear lift kit, new Black OEM body, Allsports rear flip seat for either passengers or cargo, 80″ black extended top, Red/Black Extreme Striped seats, clay’s storage basket, ice chest holder with ice chest, slow moving vehicle (SMV) sign. Fully wired for taillights, turn signals and brake lights. Ready to party!

    We can modify this trailer to match your cart!

    And we can also add the all new GPS Tracking device to be able to track and know where your toys are at all times! And we can install one in your boat, RV, Jeep, ATV, Side-by-Side, and even your teenager’s car!