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Transforming the average golf cart
 into a
 fun multi-purpose vehicle

Welcome...  to CKD, where the term "golf cart" takes on a whole new meaning!  We specialize in golf carts with attitude!


They're not just for golfing anymore!  There are so many ways to make your cart unique and more functional.  Some of our most popular modifications include:

Lift kits - increasing the ground clearance

We install lift kits for Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha golf carts that come in either a 5" axle type lift kit, a 4" block "economy" type lift, or a 3" or 6" spindle type lift kit. If you want to get a little smoother ride, an adjustable 6" A-Arm type lift can be installed that will give you independent front suspension. If you want to go extreme, a 10" lift is available for most Club Cars, and a new "Monster" lift is the newest, biggest production kit available!  So depending on your year and model of golf cart, we can get you riding high!

Wheels and Tires - Soooo many choices!

It can be very confusing trying to decide which type of wheels and tires you are going to install on your golf cart! But don't worry - for just that reason,  we have several sample sets in stock to choose from. While we try to stock the most popular combos, if you don’t see any you like, we have catalogs from which you can choose the wheel and tire sets you like. We generally stock lifted cart wheels and tires, but we can order any golf cart wheel or tire available at no extra cost!

Many other options and accessories

We can do literally anything you can think of when it comes to golf cart accessories. The sky is the limit! We install everything from LED light sets to 14" blinged-out wheels. Some of the most popular accessories are: 80" extended tops, custom stereo systems, diamond plated or stainless accessories, windshield, mirror, horn, light kits, seat belts, rear seat kits in fold-down (flip-flop) or standard seats, hitches, fender flares, custom painted or factory bodies, stainless steel steering column covers, brush guards, nerf bars, state-of-charge meters, new batteries, replacement battery trays for EZGO's and motor/controller upgrades.


We offer repairs, both large and small, for most any year, make, and model golf cart. Whether a simple scrape caused by one of the kids, or a major overhaul caused by Hurricane Ike, we can help. If your cart has been extensively damaged or has been underwater, we can help you determine whether it is worth repairing or if it should be replaced. We also repair battery chargers for both Club Car and EZGO electric carts.

And if you are unable to bring your cart to us, we can usually do on-site repairs.  (Please call for a service call estimate.)

We also offer maintenance packages to keep your cart running smooth!

CKD Golf Carts
308 Palomino St., League City, TX 77573
Phone or Fax: (281) 554-7751
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