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TT350R Lithium


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    Product Specs

    • 14 Mile Range With 180 Lb Rider And 20 Mile Plus With 100 Lb Riders On Flat Ground Full Throttle
    • Fast Charging, Full Charge In 3 To 3.5 Hours
    • Lithium Ion Battery Performance
    • 2 Speed Modes With Hidden Switch For 8 Or 17 Mph.
    • Full Suspension Setup
    • Variable Throttle Speed Controller
    • Disc Brake
    • Upgradeable Performance And Accessories

    Product Details

    The Burromax TT350R is used by kids and adults up to 250lb on flat ground and great for riders under 145lb for off-roading. We see bikes going to all types of racers who need a pit bike, campers, events where people need a ride from here to there, ride for the lake house, around the neighborhood, going fishing, walking the dog and so many other uses! Kids love these things too by the way! Bikes fit into the trunk of almost any car and weight in at 47lb so they are really easy to take with you

    No gas-No smell-No Heat-Low maintenance and easy to operate and almost no noise.

    Why buy a Burromax TT350R Mini Bike? Quality, with lots of features, at a fair price is number one! Try this before you buy the ultra cheap box store brands or the ultra expensive dealership models. We like to say we sell joy and happiness at a fair price–Here are a few more reasons to take one home.