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Lithium EZGO Storm Limo


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    Product Specs

    • 8″ USA Made All Sports Long Travel Lift Kit
    • Custom 15″ MSA M43 Fang Wheels with 28×9-15 EFX MotoClaw Tires
    • Wheel Spacers and Spacer Adapters
    • Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Springs
    • Gunmetal Metallic Storm Body Kit
    • 112″ Black Top with Plashlights RGB Lighting
    • Custom Double Diamond Black on Black Upholstery
    • USA Made Guardian Aluminum Rear Flip Seat
    • Sentry Dash with Graphite Inserts
    • Uncommon Key (so no one steals your ride)
    • Huge 160Ah RoyPow Lithium Battery Pack
    • 5-Year Battery Pack Warranty With An Expected Lifespan of 10 Years
    • State of Charge Meter and Onboard Charger
    • Seat Belts on All Seats
    • Wetsounds Stealth 10 Ultra Bluetooth Soundbar
    • Wetsounds AS-10 Powered Subwoofer
    • AGM Auxiliary Battery with Onboard Trickle Charger
    • Tinted Folding Magnetic Latch Windshield
    • 5-Panel Mirror
    • Plashlights Underbody RGB Lights (bluetooth compatible)

    Product Details

    Check out this custom built, 6 passenger lifted EZGO Storm Body Lithium golf cart with the following accessories installed: 8″ USA Made All Sports long travel lift lift kit, custom 15″ MSA M43 Fang black and grey wheels with 28×9-15 EFX MotoClaw tires, wheel spacers and spacer adapters, heavy duty rear leaf springs, Gunmetal Metallic Storm Bodies with custom painted pod to match, 112″ black top with Plashlights RGB (color changing) lighting, custom double diamond black on black upholstery, USA made Guardian aluminum rear flip seat, Sentry Dash with graphite inserts, uncommon key (so no one steals your ride), huge 160Ah RoyPow Lithium battery pack with in dash state of charge meter and on-board charger, (There are many advantages to a lithium battery pack, several of which are: No maintenance required (no batteries to fill with water), no corrosion, no acid leaking onto the floor or smelling up the garage, extended run-time (up to 40 miles on a charge!), super-fast charge time (2 to 4 hours total) and a 5-year battery pack warranty with an expected lifespan of 10 years!), seat belts on all seats, Wetsounds Stealth 10 Ultra Bluetooth soundbar paired with a Wetsounds AS-10 powered subwoofer (for some bump in your trunk), huge AGM auxiliary battery with on board trickle charger to power all of the 12 volt accessories, tinted folding magnetic latch windshield, 5 panel mirror, Plashlights underbody RGB (color changing) lights that you control with an app on your phone and SMV sign.